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menstrual rage

menstrual rage

It is one of the most natural things in a woman’s life: her monthly cycle. Yet modern day society made the actual bleeding part into something vile and shameful. The tribulations that rise because of it are discredited. When a women shows temperament or any emotion “it’s probably that time of the month”. It put’s me in a rage. A...

5 tarot cards

week 10: reading

Wow, the week 10 reading brings tears to my eyes! It really hits home. The cards have a heavy feel to them, but their message is incredibly beautiful. And dominated by cups. 1. this weeks focus – Son of Cups The young swan males cup overflows with colour. It is his duty to create form the inside out. All he...

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reclaiming the red

Recently it occurred to me that red is primarily being used as a negative. A colour in a context of aggression, abuse and negativity. Let us be reclaiming the red! As a massive nerd I anticipate the Black Widow-movie, but she was trained, and sterilised, in “The Red Room”. In The Handmaid’s Tale the fertile women, forced in to child-birthing...