how these herbal teas benefit your health

Contrary to popular believe drinking tea trumps coffee as more widely consumed. I do not really favour one over the other, they happily coexist in my life. However I do drink my tea more consciously, picking flavours to accommodate my moods and needs and considering the health benefits herbal teas can provide. I present to you some of my favourites!


Chamomile is well know and widely acknowledged to calm both your intestines and nerves. It is also said to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. And it’s one of the easiest herbal teas to make yourself! The tiny white flowers are very easy to grow and once dried are ready for some hot water. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, preferably covered, to preserve evaporating oils. Then again, many brands have some sort of chamomile tea available. My current favourite: Clipper Calmer Chameleon.

sleep tea

Before I go to bed I always make myself one last cup of tea (cup meaning about 500ml). Over time I have tried different brands and herb combinations and my favourite by far is Yogi Sweet Dreams. I really love the smell, though I’ve heard others complaining about it. It is a combination of rooibos, honey bush, rosemary, thyme, valerian and lavender. It could be conditioning, but all I know is I sleep better after I had my cuppa!


Ginger tea is usually my drink during the day. At work I use an organic processed version in a bag. When I feel a cold coming I switch to the fresh version, where I just pour hot water over about 4 gingerroot slices, sometimes topped of by a lemon slice. Apart from it’s healing characteristics to me, gingerroot tea is just very uplifting.


When in a restaurant or cafe and a plant based milk option is not available, I always order a fresh mint tea. Although I never really drink this for it’s healing qualities, mint actually aids the stomach and bowels. Needless to say I skip the honey and just let the leaves soak until the drink is finished.

Naturally, there are many other teas to choose from both regarding taste and healing benefits. Who knows, maybe it will become a regular series! What are your favourite teas?

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