how to separate from separation

Chances are I am not making myself very loved with the things I am about to say. Because of that I will start by pressing it is exactly because I love everything and everyone equally that I am stating this. For I believe it is separation that keeps separating us.

What exactly do I mean by this?

These days a whole lot of people have the means to speak up about anything and everything, everywhere. This in itself is wonderful! The entire world is your potential audience and through (social) media we can reach people on a global scale. So far so good.

Any subject can be addressed, from the colour of your lipstick to your sexual preference. Lucky for many of us, this freedom of speech is a constitutional right (and where it is not, people are fighting for it). All is still well (or getting there).

What bothers me, is the way we address these issues. Loads of people speaking for or against something are massively identifying with the subject at hand and thereby labelling themselves. “I am feminist”, “I am a descendent of African slaves”, “I am gay” as if theses statements themselves acclaim for anything. And this is where I make myself unloved.

Because labelling, or victimizing, yourself as something is no argument in itself.

In my opinion the only way to get past these difficulties is getting rid of the labels. Trouble started in the first place, because people feel the need to cram things into labelled boxes. And everything that is new and therefore scary, gets their own new, special box with their own set of rules and rights. Usually more rules and less rights than the people who put you into the box.

This. Has. To. Stop.

We are all Human AF. And if we want the world to change, we ourselves need to change, our mindset mostly. If we keep sitting in these boxes other people crammed us into, nothing will change! You can’t escape the “women box” demanding equal rights by shouting from within the box labelled women. Get out of the box, burn it, burn the label and let the wind take the ashes.

Equality begins when we all step into the same box: The Human Box.

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