how to survive: andalucia

It is not easy being vegan when visiting the meat-lovers of Southern Spain. Apart from the many stray animals I wish I could help, supermarkets are lined with entire pig legs, “fresh” fish lay openly on ice and there is an abundant choice of cheeses. But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Some supermarkets have a tiny assortment of vegan options, the egg-less tortilla at the Lidl being my absolute favourite! Plant-based milk however seems to be common and very cheap compared to our Dutch prices! However it is still surprising to me that a country so full of amazing fresh fruits and vegetables, remains so meat-minded.

Signs of environmental awareness are growing though. To my great surprise, upon receiving our ordered fruit smoothies at the local Beach House, paper straws were used! Further examination of the menu showed us the availability of soy milk :). This is a huge improvement to some eighteen months back, when they had neither.

A little piece of vegan heaven can be found in Granada. Hicuri Art Vegan is the first result you get from Google when entering “vegan Granada”. And it is with good reason! The walls of the place are full of handpainted art, the lights on the ceiling are flowers and the staff is as friendly as it gets. Their menu gives a wide range of choices, making it hard to pick just one thing. Needless to say though, you don’t have to. Even at lunch they serve a three-course menu, all at very reasonable prices. For the first time in forever, I had tiramisu!! <3

It must be said, I had the privilege of being able to cook at home when staying in Spain. If I had to eat out for every single meal, 80% of the time I would have been condemned to bread, fries and tomato. Veganism still has to get a foothold in Southern Spain, beautifully illustrated by the many waiters telling me how sorry they were for me that I did not eat meat. Eeehhh…

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