week 10: reading

Combination of 5 The Wild Unknown Tarot cards providing me with Week 10: reading.

Wow, the week 10 reading brings tears to my eyes! It really hits home. The cards have a heavy feel to them, but their message is incredibly beautiful. And dominated by cups.

1. this weeks focus – Son of Cups

The young swan males cup overflows with colour. It is his duty to create form the inside out. All he needs for inspiration, is found within himself.

2. what blurs this focus – 8 of cups

This is a dark card, with dark mountains in the distance and the path littered with broken cups. This is the old road and it has never lead to any new destination. Time to move on.

3. how to re-focus – Mother of Cups

Even more beautiful than her son, the full grown female swan had spread her craft outward, all over the sky. She basks in the glory of any art form.

4. how to increase focus – 10 of Wands

Another gloomy card, the amount of wands is hardly distinguishable. Ever so slightly a dim light is visible through the branches. It is no use to force a way through.

5. how will this focus be of service – The Hermit

The enormous turtle, tucked in its shell, bit with a lantern on its back to light and warm up his surroundings. It is never harmful to turn inwards, for that is the way to radiate outwards.


The reading of week 10 is telling me that by turning inwards and knowing myself, including the shadows, I am able to radiate outwards. This will mean a break with old habits and paths, for nothing new is found there. Surrounding myself with any form of creativity, will ignite my own creative spark. Now it is time to transform these inner lessons in to new creative work, so that it may be of benefit to others.

Deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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