what are we doing?

Yesterday when I was walking through a shop-lined street, I noticed a HUGE advertisement on a shoe-shop window screaming about genuine leather for small prices. And all I could think was “Is that what the animals, who had to die to give their skin, are worth to us?”

In today’s society there is a detachment from the origin of our daily products. We are all in some massive form of denial about what we are doing for what we believe is beneficial for us. Apart from all the crap that is being added to meat, both before and after slaughter, most of us seem to have forgotten that it’s sentient beings we’re killing. Somewhere along the way, it has become more common and generally accepted to use a double standard when it comes to animals.

In 2017 the European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) reported that approximately 80 million European households have one or multiple pets. Let’s be positive and say that these pets are loved and well taken care of. Most people would do anything for them and are severely grieved if a beloved pet dies. Also, most of these loving pet owners don’t think twice about the daily consumption of meat. Hence: double standard.

If the advertisement in the shop window was trying to sell us cat-fur on dog-leather boots “everyone loses their minds” (to quote Heath Ledger’s Joker on this one). But since it is probably a cow, hardly anybody cares and prefers to pay as little as possible. In my opinion, this is one branch of the root of what is wrong in this world.

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