why I left Facebook

As you may have noticed, there is no link to my Facebook-page. The explanation for that is quite simple: I don’t have a Facebook-page. The thing is I used to have one, but shut it down in September 2015 just to see how it would feel. And although I have thought about going back, I never have. So it feels quite good actually!

The reason I shut it down was also fairly simple: I got really tired of all the negativity that filled my feed. As an empath and INFP these things really got to me and altered my mood. Combine that with the susceptibility to Social Media-addiction and you can imagine I got in a really bad spiral. So I cold-turkey cut it out and was just curious how far I could take it (this is basically the same way I cut out meat from my life a few years before).

Since I haven’t gone back to it, I can obviously take it pretty far. I have replaced the Social Media addiction however, with Instagram. I am a photographer myself and the negativity is much less (I guess nobody wants to show off bad pictures). This does not mean I do not know, realize or acknowledge that negativity exists! There is a reason I am vegan and I still have to meet the first vegan who does not realize what is wrong with this world. For most of us it is kind of the reason for going vegan.

So no, I am not in denial. I just choose to surround myself with prettier things, instead of the ugly ones. Life is to short to do otherwise.


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