how crochet and I fell in love

One of the last things I did in 2016, was learning something new. I don’t know why I decided to learn it now and not before, knowing many people I consider experts. Maybe the end of the year got to me, but I finally gave in. I asked my co-worker and friend to teach me and in just a few hours I got the basics down. On the morning of December 30th 2016 I learned how to crochet.

So after being able to crochet a chain, a single and a double crochet, I went to the store to get me some yarn. I could already experience what the fuss was all about. I had no idea what I was going to make, but I needed yarn. When I saw the slight pink and purple ombre yarn streaked with a tiny shimmer, I knew who I was making it for: my niece. Still not knowing what “it” was, I bought the yarn and some needles and the next thing I knew, my evening was filled with it.

By then I figured out my first project, both simple and elegant and very doable for a crochet-newbie. I made pictures of the yarn, sent them to my sister and asked my niece if she liked the colours and would like to have a scarf made of it. Her touching answer “yes, I do” was my red cloth. In about a week I finished her col and with it my first ever crochet project. I was hooked.

What I always loved most about crochet were the blankets. My co-worker was working on a CAL at that time and I could just imagine myself lying under it on the couch. Feeling that was still way out of my league, I started on a simple single- and double crochet blanket. It took me a month to finish and it is not the most sophisticated piece of work, but it is my first, handmade blanket.

During the process of making that first blanket, I got better very quickly and just that blanket wasn’t satisfying enough. So i bought new yarn and got started on a second project. It is not originally a CAL, but it looks very similar. Different rows, in different colours, using different stitches. But instead of the large variety of bright colours, I chose just three, giving the blanket in my opinion a more serene look.

New projects are now piling up in my head, but I limit myself to a maximum of three at a time. I admit, I also do tiny side projects like scarfs or finger-less wristwarmes, because they are quick and easy to finish. But the blankets are my first love and I will probably make them until all my friends and family are cosy on their couches under one of my handmade blankets.


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