Z... to Z...

Z… to Z… 2017 (intro)

As mentioned in the about section I live in the tiny town of Zeewolde. Ever since we moved here in 2011 I noticed the Z… tot Z…(Dutch) posters: complete a 110km hike through our province within 24h. I was intrigued and put it on my mental bucket list. Off course I always saw the posters about a week before the start, so that left me with no time for preparation. This year is different.

About a week ago I thought about the hike and figured I’d have plenty of time left if I started training about now. I tried to get some people involved, but all it did was give them one more piece of evidence I might be crazy. Being a loner anyway I still decided I will walk this walk, albeit alone!

To make it less lonely however, I will report my training sessions here. It will give me a review of how far I’ve come. It will also give you something to read and see some scenery from along the way. It will be spring soon, which should make for some pretty pictures. And after that summer, and finally the big walk itself on September 8th. Please bare with me…


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