Z... to Z...

Z… to Z… 2017 (1st training)

I have taken an extra day off, the weather is getting better and the time has really come to start my training. I wanted to start slow, walking 5km to see how my pace would be. I tried to plan a route using Google Maps and just wasn’t getting what I wanted. I knew about a pretty place, but that route would be over 10km. Well, I’ve got to start somewhere.

After a small drive to the starting point I was off. The walk was predicted to take about two hours. I figured I could do without water, mainly because of the fear of needing to pee along the way. Not wanting to be disturbed, I turned off my phone services. I do bring my phone in case of emergency, but also to track my walks. To do so, I use Map my Walk by Under Armour, a great app showing pace, distance, route and history.

Having no idea about shoes and clothes, I am starting my training on the Asics Gel Cumulus I bought for running. Since I haven’t really done that in a while (and not planning to in the near future) I figured they do offer the comfort and support. For now, I just put on jeans, a sweater and a jacket (which turned out to be too hot in the end).

The route followed only paved (bike) roads. I have made the assumption that will be the case for the official hike. My path took me through the woods near my home and I encountered more animals than people: Curious horses and beautiful singing birds. The first signs of spring are actually showing on the trees. These provided the much needed distraction, because I kept questioning my ability to walk these 10km.

In the end it turned out I am able to walk the distance. It was actually quite easy if it wasn’t for my own mental self doubt, physically I am up for it. Now I build on this.


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