Z... to Z...

Z… to Z… 2017 (2nd training)

Last week I proved (mainly to myself) that I had no trouble walking 10 kilometers without pause. Yes, I did have sore muscles the day after, but that is just prove you’ve done something. I do have some concern about my shins. After a long walk or run they usually feel strained. This is something I have felt frequently, but not that much I felt the need to see a specialist about it. Let’s see where this week takes us.

The route for today I chose from the Route.nl app, containing both cycling and walking routes in The Netherlands in various distances. I chose one little over 10km and close to home. Little did I know that about half the route was over unpaved paths and with heavy rains the last couple of days, some parts were really muddy. It got worse around the 5km mark and I had no choice but to walk straight through the water, knowing full well it meant walking the second part with wet feet (note to self: next time, pick a cycling route, for it will follow paved roads).

On the bright side, the second part had only paved roads and with the sun coming out it wasn’t all bad. Mentally I was doing a lot better than last time, knowing I had no trouble walking this distance. Before I even knew it, I was on the way back to my car. The birds sang a different song today, sounding more like spring and mating season.

There is one cause for concern though. The entire way, I felt pain in my left shin. Last week it was only after the walk, but now it was constant. I will look into some exercises this week, hoping I can help the strain a bit. But having done yoga this same morning already, I might eventually need to visit a doctor. For next training I will add some distance.


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