mantra 2.0: popmusic

Today’s society is all about finding and developing yourself. What you think you become, but unfortunately when thinking about ourselves these thoughts are all but positive. Many ancient cultures have known for thousands of years about the qualities of music and singing. Chanting of words, sentences or mantras are part of daily life for some people. In our modern Western culture however this is considered strange by most.

This does not mean music isn’t a big part of our daily lives, it is huge really. Because this is such a big part of our lives we know the lyrics to our favorite songs by heart. We sing, shout and scream along with the radio when the tunes we know so well are played. These songs are our mantra’s if we choose them well.

Todays biggest hit is without a doubt Ed Sheerans Shape of you. And while the lyrics are not completely relevant, a very powerful line is. So next time you’re in your car belching Eds lyrics, imagine telling yourself I am in love with the shape of you and I’m in love with your body. See what this does for your body image!



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