In a previous post I explained how I got bitten by the crochet bug. So badly, I tend to work on multiple projects at a time. However, there is always one big project I work on and since I started crochet because I love the blankets, I wanted to make one myself. I chose the Rainbow sampler blanket, so this would be my first time using a pattern as well.

The combination of various colours and various stitches was too much for my taste, so I decided to use only three colours. I also decided to use a needle one size bigger than actually prescribed for the yarn, because I wanted it to be loose and airy. Being a crochet newbie however, I did not yet realize how this would change the dimensions of the blanket… The finished blanket measures approximately 87″ x 95″. It. Is. HUGE.

I learned a lot from the process of making this blanket. I learned a multitude of new stitches, some I love (bobble, granny), some I love to hate (Catherines wheel, larksfoot). I imagined several new blankets, using only the stitches I learned anew and immediately knowing who I would make it for. However, during the three month process of fabricating this enormous blanket, I kept asking myself if I was going to keep it or gift it. It did not feel totally like me, but I had no idea who to give it to.

When the moment came I finished the last stitch, I knew I would keep it. For now it has found its place in the guest room, but it doesn’t do right by it. I do not trust my cats with it in the living room or on my own bed, but it will find its rightful place in our home. It is done!


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