Dutch weed burger

It was some sort of elusive thing, almost mythical: the Dutch Weed Burger. 100% vegan, made from Dutch seaweed on a algae bun, with sea lettuce sauce.

In the beginning it was mainly served on festivals, where I hardly ever go. Some highway restaurants added it to their menu, but when I decided to eat there, the weed burger being my sole reason to, it was out of stock. I was starting to believe I would never eat this burger from legend.

But I did! In a town not far from where I live in said highway restaurant the burger was available. At first I was taken aback by it being on the lunch menu, since I was there for dinner. Luckily, it made no difference and the mythical burger was served with a side of sweet potato fries.


In no way does it taste like a burger made from dead animals, but it is not supposed to. It is a flavour in itself and I aim to eat it at least once a month.


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