Z... to Z...

Z… to Z… 2017 (6th training)

This started off as a reluctant training. The expected weather was not that good, I really wanted to add to my miles and I had a drop in motivation again. But I went! From probably the youngest forest in my country to the as claimed oldest forest near Putten. Little did I know it would be old!

Back in the woods I realized that walking the countryside made me miss one thing: the constant chatter of birds. The walk started off in the town, but as soon as I left the last house behind me, the singing intensified. So did the rain… Lucky for me, the predicted hail and thunder never hit me.

Already in the first stages of my walk, I passed some sort of hills. When I found a plaque I read that excavations at the sites revealed these were prehistoric burial mounds. The forest instantly had a new feel to it! Unfortunately, it started to rain more and somewhere I took a wrong turn and had to find my way back to the planned route. I got there, but during a quick stop I came to the realization my app had stopped working and did not record most of my hike.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, my left shin started to feel painful again, compensated on the right by a sore ankle. But things could have been worse. I finished the walk, which after these little challenges felt like a real victory. The forest was a beauty and I lost a lot of time taking pictures. I have no idea how much I walked in the end, the route should have been almost 15km. If it was, the distance was not the most challenging part of this training.


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