crochet mandala

As I side project to the big blankets I am used to crocheting, I started making mandala’s. These are not that big and are easily finished within two hours. I usually use only two or three colours (I am not much the rainbow type) and use cotton instead of acrylic yarn.


It was new for me to start crocheting in a circle, having trouble to get the magic ring right (to be honest, I still look it op every time a start a new mandala). Apart from that, it is a walk in the park. Mandala’s use very basic stitches, but in different combinations it makes for a lovely pattern.

I am thinking about making more, maybe with more colour, to put up in my shop. Would anyone be interested in these?



In a previous post I explained how I got bitten by the crochet bug. So badly, I tend to work on multiple projects at a time. However, there is always one big project I work on and since I started crochet because I love the blankets, I wanted to make one myself. I chose the Rainbow sampler blanket, so this would be my first time using a pattern as well.

The combination of various colours and various stitches was too much for my taste, so I decided to use only three colours. I also decided to use a needle one size bigger than actually prescribed for the yarn, because I wanted it to be loose and airy. Being a crochet newbie however, I did not yet realize how this would change the dimensions of the blanket… The finished blanket measures approximately 87″ x 95″. It. Is. HUGE.

I learned a lot from the process of making this blanket. I learned a multitude of new stitches, some I love (bobble, granny), some I love to hate (Catherines wheel, larksfoot). I imagined several new blankets, using only the stitches I learned anew and immediately knowing who I would make it for. However, during the three month process of fabricating this enormous blanket, I kept asking myself if I was going to keep it or gift it. It did not feel totally like me, but I had no idea who to give it to.

When the moment came I finished the last stitch, I knew I would keep it. For now it has found its place in the guest room, but it doesn’t do right by it. I do not trust my cats with it in the living room or on my own bed, but it will find its rightful place in our home. It is done!


how crochet and I fell in love

One of the last things I did in 2016, was learning something new. I don’t know why I decided to learn it now and not before, knowing many people I consider experts. Maybe the end of the year got to me, but I finally gave in. I asked my co-worker and friend to teach me and in just a few hours I got the basics down. On the morning of December 30th 2016 I learned how to crochet.

So after being able to crochet a chain, a single and a double crochet, I went to the store to get me some yarn. I could already experience what the fuss was all about. I had no idea what I was going to make, but I needed yarn. When I saw the slight pink and purple ombre yarn streaked with a tiny shimmer, I knew who I was making it for: my niece. Still not knowing what “it” was, I bought the yarn and some needles and the next thing I knew, my evening was filled with it.

By then I figured out my first project, both simple and elegant and very doable for a crochet-newbie. I made pictures of the yarn, sent them to my sister and asked my niece if she liked the colours and would like to have a scarf made of it. Her touching answer “yes, I do” was my red cloth. In about a week I finished her col and with it my first ever crochet project. I was hooked.

What I always loved most about crochet were the blankets. My co-worker was working on a CAL at that time and I could just imagine myself lying under it on the couch. Feeling that was still way out of my league, I started on a simple single- and double crochet blanket. It took me a month to finish and it is not the most sophisticated piece of work, but it is my first, handmade blanket.

During the process of making that first blanket, I got better very quickly and just that blanket wasn’t satisfying enough. So i bought new yarn and got started on a second project. It is not originally a CAL, but it looks very similar. Different rows, in different colours, using different stitches. But instead of the large variety of bright colours, I chose just three, giving the blanket in my opinion a more serene look.

New projects are now piling up in my head, but I limit myself to a maximum of three at a time. I admit, I also do tiny side projects like scarfs or finger-less wristwarmes, because they are quick and easy to finish. But the blankets are my first love and I will probably make them until all my friends and family are cosy on their couches under one of my handmade blankets.