I am Fran – which is actually short for Franca (and nobody ever actually calls me Fran). I live in the middle of The Netherlands, in a beautiful town called Zeist. It is quiet and surrounded by nature, perfect for a little INFP like myself! I have just recently made my home there with my two cats Delphi and Dash.

On of the great prides of my life is my full-time day job. I am one of the few very fortunate people to be able to do daily what I want to do most in life, and get paid for it! I work as a cat caretaker in a no-kill animal shelter governed by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming). Every day me and my colleagues take care of dozens of cats and make sure they get to move to their forever homes.

Probably in part inspired by my job, I turned to veganism in September 2016. Being vegetarian for years it was the most likely next step and something I really wanted for some time, but feared for being to complicated. So I needed a little push. This push was introduced to me by my sister and The Green Happiness turned out to be my final step to a plant-based life. As it turns out it is not that complicated for myself, but for some people around me.

Being an INFP, a cat caretaker and vegan all add up to a person that needs to unplug and recharge every now and then. Preferably alone. Therefore I meditate, I read, I create. These three things are actual forms of flight from the outside world and a flight towards myself. These three characteristics are not unique, not even in this particular combination (I assume, I haven’t done any actual research on that). For that reason I decided to share. The things I know, experience and think might be of benefit to someone else.

That someone might be you.